Do you know the types of mobile case available in the market

Do you know the types of mobile case available in the market

Cell phones are the indispensable device which is our companion. The dynamics of mobile phones are not limited to the specifications, but it also deals with profiling the phone. It defines your personality. Hence accessorizing these phones have a good market. The most important accessory is the phone cases that go miles to give extra protection to the electronic friend and keep the phone safe as well as sound from any clumsy kind of pin falls or greasy grips. So, different types of mobile cases are available in the market which acts as a shield from any type of uncalled accidents.


Types of phone cases

  • Faceplates: It is a type of snap on the device which covers the outer side of the phone. They are made of durable material which is usually plastic, and it serves a great protection as well as decoration to the phones. It is more convenient compared to slip-on versions. They are fabricated with solid material which is thin so that it won’t interfere with the using of the phone. They are better than leather or plastic covers. They are available in a wide range, and they have a glossy or matte or textured finish, and some have gems and shiny flakes in them.


  • Hybrid cases: They are the superhero costume of the phones as they provide huge protect and covers all the essential parts of the phone. They have basically two parts that are plastic casing as well as TPU rubber thick glove which encases the plastic body to bind this mobile from within. They provide protection from dust, light showers, shocks, The expensive hybrid cases are provided with triple layers.


This portable device plays an important in our daily life, so it is important to provide good protection to them with a trendy look.